Monday, March 14, 2016

I've had just about enough of the crazy talk...

from everyone.

I don't care anymore who you support, or who you hate.  It's irrelevant.  People on both sides of the aisle are starting to sound completely unhinged.

I present to you two articles from people who are most clearly not unhinged.  

I'm taking the rest of the day off.  Looking forward to dining at Costco. Can you say Polish dog?

 by Political Clown Parade

The stench of American politics has left me with a sick-to-my-stomach feeling.  The GOP and the so-called “conservative movement” has descended into schizophrenia.

I get that our leftist overlords aspire to proliferate the fundamental transformation of America promised eight years ago by the community organizer from Chicago.  I get that these creatures have called conservatives hideous pejoratives. read the rest


Can Donald Trump Unify a Republican Party He Fractured?

By Hardnox |  

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

Trump didn’t fracture the Republican party.  The Republican party fractured itself by totally ignoring the base after making promises to stop the Obama administration in its tracks.  Instead, the Republican party hoisted the white flag of surrender withing hours of the 2014 election and has aided and abetted the Obama agenda.  Naturally, we exploded in disgust.  Blaming trump is blatantly absurd and dishonest.

Wallace is a lackey for the establishment with his moronic questions.  Where is his reporting on the protesters organized by  How about hauling George Soros in and asking him why his surrogates are organizing and funding the lemmings going to these rallies? read the rest


DC Clothesline:   Understanding the Alinsky Method

Virtual Mirage:  An Informal Survey of Likely Hispanic Voters


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