Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday: Wait for it - I actually agree with Alex Jones (and Reason TV, too)...

Let's start with Reason TV's analysis of the the bread and circus we call professional sports, in particular, the NFL.

And then we'll move on to Alex Jones, who also "gets it."  You heard that right - Alex Jones. While Alex Jones may be a bit rough around the edges, he scores a touchdown with this video.  I actually prefer his no nonsense-cut to the chase analysis.

Since when did professional sports become the "sport of kings?"  Ever check out the prices of NFL tickets?  I won't even bring up the cost of Super Bowl tickets, which are obscene. 

There is no way an average family with two or three kids could ever afford to attend these events.  Yet the taxpayers are stuck with the bill for building mammoth stadiums, and if they're lucky, can maybe, just maybe, watch the game on TV.

Witness the mess in Minneapolis where moonbat Governor Mark Dayton has pushed through the building of a new stadium for the Vikings that will, no doubt, run over a billion dollars.  You heard that right - a billion dollars for which the state is responsible for close to half the amount.  For what?  So the well off can hob nob with each other and watch a losing team?

Dayton had a scheme to raise revenue with some sort of pull-tab gambling.  It didn't go well so now he wants to close corporate "tax loopholes" to raise more money.  That makes sense.  Let's punish the job creators to fund a billion dollar stadium so he and his cronies can sit in a sky box and pat each other on the back.  The peons, if they're lucky, will be sitting in some sports bar paying inflated prices for Buffalo wings while they cheer on their team.

What's really funny is reading comments from people who voted for Dayton and are now so shocked, shocked, I tell you, at what he's doing.  Did any of them vet him before casting their votes, or did they just pull the lever for him because he was the "anti-Republican?"

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