Wednesday, November 14, 2012

While you're being distracted by Peyton Place on the Potomac.....

the world is going up in flames. 

I started this post yesterday before hearing the terribly sad news about our precious Bunni.  Please take a moment to assist her in any way you can.   Thank you...

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I took a week off because I knew that the alternative media (that's us) would be feeding us non-stop stories of what Romney did wrong, what the GOP doesn't "get", and on and on.

Want to know what went wrong?

We went wrong by not heeding the words of Andrew Breitbart when he clearly told us the main-stream media was the problem. 

Think about it.  We rail against the unfair coverage and the out-right lies of these people, while continuing to feed them the money they need to keep afloat.  This isn't about voter fraud, although anyone with a semblance of sanity knows it occurred.  This is a cultural issue.  It's an issue about virtue.

We allowed the left-wing ideologues to dictate to us exactly what this election was going to be about.  Never mind the economy.  Ignore the 23 million people out of work.  Cover up Benghazi and the sacrificial slaying of four Americans.  No siree!  This election was going to be about free birth control.

Do you doubt me?  Then you aren't paying attention. 

Want to put the MSM out of business?  It's really very simple.  Quit supporting them.  Cancel your cable - and please don't tell me you have cable so your children can watch the history channel.  That reminds me of the guy who only reads Playboy for the articles.  Get them a decent book and read it with them.

Quit going to their vile movies, and most of all don't allow your children to imbibe in their filth. Speaking of children, how about pulling them out of the government run schools that promote sodomy, condoms, and masturbation?  These are schools that teach children to hate their country and set them against their parents like a revival of Hitler's Youth.  These are schools where teachers flinch at the thought of anyone saying a prayer, while welcoming Planned Parenthood to speak about sex.

If you have any hopes of turning this country around, the MSM must be defeated.  How long do you think they would survive if 50% of the population quit swimming in their pool of crap?  The fact that The New Normal is one of the most popular programs speaks volumes about how far our culture has fallen.

Defeating the MSM is just the beginning of what will become a long and hard slog back to some semblance of sanity in this country.  Do I think it's possible? Yes.  Do I think it's probable?  No. Unfortunately, the math is against us and another four years of Obama will clinch that deal, so I suggest you prepare yourself for what's coming.

"My goal is to destroy the main-stream media as we currently know it, so it is more equitable, so that it is more fair." Andrew Breitbart


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