Monday, February 27, 2012

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Conservatives on Fire:   “Deception in Pursuit of Power” by Pat Slattery 

and a follow up by Jim:

Conservatives on Fire:   Obama’s Shadow Government

Radio Patriot:   How does he get away with this?

The Blaze:   Why You Might Want to Delete Your Google Browser History Before Next Week  (March 1st)
Instructions included...

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Obama:  "We're so sorry we forced you to kill our soldiers.  It's all our fault!  Would burning down the White House make you all feel better?  

Obama needs to be impeached!


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Never Allow a Crisis to Go Waste

You may have noticed the blog "Citizen Pamphleteer" listed under my Blogs for the Day.  The proprietor of this fine blog is Bart DePalma, author of "Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste."

I have in my possession a copy of this fine book provided by the author - (and I thank him)  and have agreed to host (hostess?) a virtual book tour.  Over the next week while I finish the book, I'll be giving more details about the tour and asking your help in formulating questions for Mr. DePalma.

From the introduction:
The problem with attempting to place Barack Obama into a single ideological box is that his policies cover an evolution of socialism - from his classically socialist nationalization of General Motors and Chrysler to the new asymmetric socialism of his "clean energy economy" and government directed health insurance legislation - in which the President pragmatically mixes and matches various elements of socialism to achieve his desired goals.  This book is a story of that evolution. 
One of the first things I do when acquiring a non-fiction book is to read the "Table of Contents", followed by a swift turn to the back to peruse the "Note" section.  Mr. DePalma's "Note" section is not only very large (750 total notes - that alone is a feat) but the sources are solid.

From the back cover:
 Majorities of Americans believe Barack Obama is a socialist and that the President's policies are moving the United States towards socialism.  But very few can explain why they share this belief.

Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste demonstrates why the American people are right.
Author and attorney Bart DePalma explains how socialism evolved after the collapse of the Soviet Union from classical state ownership of the means of production into a new asymmetric form - using progressive tools to achieve socialist ends, while misrepresenting the result as pragmatic "reforms of capitalism."
Just a Conservative Girl had this to say:
I found this book to be very interesting and insightful. A very good tool to use to show to those who are still drinking the President Obama Kool-Aid. I also just finished reading Ameritopia by Mark Levin and found this to be a good companion for the information that Levin brings out about the history of statism across the ages; how it has failed and exactly what it would take to have the “vision” of their Utopia; Tyranny.   read the entire review
I found what she said interesting because I just got my hands on the library copy of Ameritopia and was thinking these two publications would work well together.  Guess I was right...

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Constitution 101
"The Meaning and History of the Constitution"

If you have not signed up (it's FREE) for the Hillsdale College course, Constitution 101, I urge you to do so.  Last week was the first week's lecture and it was excellent.

Each week you'll receive an email like the following one that just hit my inbox: 

The soul of the American founding is located in the universal political principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Hear from Dr. Thomas G. West on why the meaning of equality and liberty in the Declaration is decisively different than the definition given to those principles by modern liberalism.
To view this lecture and access the readings, study guide, and quiz for Week Two, please:
This lecture is pre-recorded. All materials for week two are now available to view at your convenience.

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