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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spy Wednesday

Today is called Spy Wednesday in the Church.  Today's liturgy celebrates this as the day Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty peices of silver.  I hear Bart Stupak has a party planned...

From Nazareth Priest: 
Dom Gueranger, the great Benedictine liturgical scholar, offers this hymn from the Greek liturgy that describes the whole incident and is a moving account of this horrible treachery. read the rest

  Acts of the Apostasy has some customs posted.
  FishEaters has even more

And Nunly has this to say:
I’m sad to say that with the sudden upsurge of Catholic bashing and attacks on our Pope in the the media, many of us are focusing on the wrong thing this Holy Week. I’m convinced that this is exactly the plan for those who are fueling these flames…and we all know that Satan is the one orchestrating this show. Don’t let him win. Spend as much time as you can in prayer and reflection, this is what our Holy Father would want us to do!
There is more coming.  First I must visit my favorite store (Costco) and pick up my taxes at the bookkeepers.  Lunch is sweet pork burritos on homemade tortillas at  Cafe Chulo.  Outstanding!